Submission Due Date 投稿截止日 December 11 24:00 TST

Submission (from the following link to register CMT System and submit both: Paper, and/or Music Works)
投稿 (請由下鏈結CMT系統註冊投稿論文與/或音樂作品)

Music Works Submission音樂作品投稿

Music Works should be with Computer Music, into 5 types, in 3 ~ 5 minutes, and audio file is in PCM wav or mp3 format, while Audiovisual Works is in H-264 MP4 format. Please submit music works with program note from the submission system.

音樂作品應以電腦音樂為主,以下五種形式,均為3~5分鐘作品,且音訊檔須為PCM wav格式或mp3格式,影音作品請用H-264 MP4格式。請進入投稿系統同時上傳音樂作品與曲解。

  • Acousmatic Music (only Computer Music) 純電聲音樂 (僅電腦音樂)
  • Audiovisual Works (影音作品)
  • Solo Instrument + Electronics Acoustic only 獨奏樂器 + 純電聲音樂
  • Popular Computer Music (with or without singer) 流行電腦音樂 (有無歌唱均可)
  • Installations Computer Music (Composer should bring this installations for WOCMAT 2020) 裝置電腦音樂 (作曲家必須將裝置藝術帶來WOCMAT 2020現場)

Paper Submission論文投搞